Nothing Is Impossible

By Published On: June 20, 2024

Nothing is impossible

     (Deepika Seksaria: I firmly believe that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, and I was discussing the same belief with Christian Ghazrani. He explained the same very logically and from a higher perspective.)

As we were saying, nothing is impossible, yes, but not everything is relevant. You can think of anything but this does not mean that it will happen FOR SURE; if it’s not relevant for you, for your theme, for your experience, it won’t happen.

👉That’s why you should not expect💯

Expecting is like sending a signal “I’m not sure if it’s gonna work… I’ll wait and see…”. We know that to attract things, we should be in this state of “being”.

Being what ❓

Being the exact vibration we want.

What does this mean ❓

When you designate something, you say “This is a chair, this is a table”. In fact, what are you doing? You are giving an identity to this thing. You are saying “This thing… I know, I want, I believe that it is a chair… I want it to be this” and you name it. By naming it, you give it an identity. Cuz before naming it, it was just “a thing”, now it became “a chair”. Same principle for the “being state”. When you think about what you want and you are very sharp and clear with your thought and because you are already recognizing yourself with your thought, you will BE this thought: you and your thought will be one. You will so give yourself this identity, the identity of this specific thought. So, “being something”, is designating ourself as “the thing” we want.

You were saying “But saying this, isn’t it a limiting belief” ❓

No, it is not, it is an understanding of how things work.

Realities & Truths

 (Deepika Seksaria: I asked Christian Ghazrani that how come there are so many different truths about the origin of CORONA VIRUS.)

🔹 Version 1: The virus was first created in a laboratory for research purposes (drugs and medications) and for some reason it escaped from the laboratory (as it happened to other viruses). No need to dive into details now, it’s just an example and a plausible one.

🔹 Version 2: The virus was manipulated in a laboratory, on purpose, with bad intentions. They wanted to use it in some chemical weapons. And now they are testing its effects.

🔹 Version 3: The virus is a mutation of another virus.

🔹 Version 4: The virus came from some animals… maybe bats… but they are still not quite sure… Researches are still on.

🔹 Version 5: The virus is the creation of two or more countries… with “dirty” political and economical intentions.

🔹 Version 6: There is no virus. All is a setup and a huge lie. Some nations want to inject fear according to their agenda.

With our technology today, you will get information on TV, from the internet, from social media, etc…

Let’s assume that you like politics and you always follow the news and you are always hearing that there are countries which have some agendas… they want to control other countries… you know the classical scenario…

Now, which one will you choose? With which one will you stick? With the one which resonates with you, it’s logic. In our example, it’d be version 5.

It resonates with what? With what is true for you. And… what is true for you? Anything you already have a definition for it as “correct… true”.

👉 Each version of the virus is a reality💯

In version 1, for example (and the same goes for all the other versions of the virus), all the persons concerned in it, have created this reality. The laboratory staff… the doctors… the newspapers… the reporters… the politicians… etc… all of them have certain beliefs and because of these beliefs, they created this, this reality. They need to experience this. This is their path, their choice. It’s part of their theme, their soul theme. So, for them, it is true, it is correct.

When you listen to the news and you hear about all these stories, all these versions; you are in fact seeing, hearing, witnessing, being aware of those 6 realities. And as I said, you will choose the reality you prefer.

“You prefer” = which resonates with you (according to your beliefs, of course).


If you are lost between realities and dimensions… please don’t. It’s two different things. The mineral kingdom is considered to be in the first dimension. The plant and the animals are in the second dimension. We, humans, are in the third dimension. Now, because all of us (humans, plants, animals, and minerals) need to experience what we are experiencing for our growth, each one is sharing his dimension, so to speak.

Now, without going into too much detail, for now, each dimension has its vibrations, but BECAUSE each one needs the other (for his spiritual growth), these three dimensions are visible to each other.

As you know, there are, of course, other dimensions, but they are not visible to us. Again, the same principle: other vibes and for “spiritual reasons” we cannot see each other.

“Spiritual reasons” = The more you go up in levels (dimensions), the more the vibes are more refined. That’s why, we are working on ourselves, now, to change our vibes to pass to the next dimension.

🌀 Realities

Now, about the realities…

👉Anything you think about is a reality💯

Anything… literally! Each thought, each idea, is a reality in itself.

Let’s say, you think of going to the beach next week… this is a reality! When you think of the beach, automatically a picture of the beach comes to your mind. It always comes in the form of a picture (This is how the mind “understands” things).

Then, you think of what you’re going to cook. Again… another picture… another reality!

Now, thinking of the beach for a moment, then thinking of what you’re going to cook, is, SHIFTING FROM ONE REALITY TO ANOTHER REALITY. Easy!

It’s just a way of thinking… where you are directing your thoughts… where your attention is focused.

Let’s go back to our corona thing… Now you should have somehow understood that: approving, saying okay, clicking with any version of the virus, is: choose a certain reality.

(Btw, if you’re wondering how many realities there are, the answer is: as many as there are thoughts, hehe😂, simple. And about the number of dimensions, I don’t know… There are many schools… some say there are 9, others… 10, others… 11… 12… Honestly, I don’t need to know and for me, it’s not relevant. The numbers might be exaggerated also… I don’t know…)

Now, concerning their authenticity… If they are true or not.


What I meant by “truth” is:

When these people created this experience (Let’s say, version 1 of the virus), what they have created, is real. They are seeing it, they are living it, they are experiencing it. It’s true, it’s real for them. Everything they are touching with their own hands… is real! All their senses are involved… all is real.

It’s the same for you: your PC is real, your phone is real, your home is real, your family, your street, your country, your clothes, your car, your food… anything you are experiencing is real.

Your phone is made of matter, it is solid, you can hold it in your hand, it is real. But this matter, it’s made of what? It’s made of molecules, right? If you take a small piece of it and you look at it under a microscope, what will you see? Small “things”. These small things are molecules. A molecule is a group of atoms (It can be two or more). Now, if you take one atom from this molecule and you look at it under a microscope, you will see like a small dot and a kind of cloud.

This small dot (the nucleus) is made of two solid things: protons and neutrons. The cloud is made of electrons. Somehow… we will see this, in a bit.

The electrons are not solid. They are made of energy, little dots of energy. They vibrate at an extremely high speed. Their speed is so high that, when seen under a microscope, their trajectory is seen as a cloud.

The protons and the neutrons are solid… but also, under a microscope, you will see that they are made of other things. These other things, scientists called them “particles”. (Btw, here, we are in the quantum physics domain)

These particles, when put under a microscope, scientists see nothing! They see nothing, not because they are limited by their instruments, not at all, their instruments are very powerful; they see nothing because there is nothing more to see with their physical eyes, no more matter… nothing… emptiness, only energy.

Now, can you tell me how this small piece of matter you took from your phone, is made of nothing? We saw molecules are made from atoms and these atoms are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The electrons are made of energy, the protons, and the neutrons ended up being made of energy as well.

How is that possible ❓

How can something, when at its fundamental base is made of energy, can be seen as solid ❓

When the components of matter are seen separately, they are energy, but when they stick together, they become solid.

Energy is not solid, right ❓

Here is the answer: Energy becomes solid because of consciousness.

👉 Consciousness allows this to happen 💯

🌀 Consciousness

This is the “magic” of consciousness if you want. This is how consciousness works. Anything you see with your physical eyes is made of consciousness.

And anything you don’t see with your physical eyes (etheric forms) is ALSO made of consciousness, but… it took a different form.

Wait… there is more… : Any event, any circumstance… is ALSO made of consciousness.

And now, to push things just a little bit further: Not only everything is made OF consciousness, but also BECAUSE of consciousness and INSIDE (within) consciousness. Okay, I will stop here, cuz I think it’s too much, for now.

(Btw, if you’d like to know more about this, I recommend the book I told you about: “Christ Letters”. It is the base of the base, so to speak. It is “before” all books, all religions, all teachings… that much! It is extremely deep. Easy to grasp? It depends… This book can also be referred at youtube channel 👇)

So, these created realities are happening within the consciousness of each person. And if more than one person is concerned (according to his spiritual need), the reality of each one will be “mixed” (merged) with the reality of the other. This merge is when all are seeing/experiencing this same reality.

Now, the reality is “real” for each one who is creating it, but this reality… it is “made of what”❓

If I can put it this way. What is ”inside it” (the people… their instruments… everything…), is made of matter, yes, but the matter is not real. It is made of energy.

The idea of this reality, the concept itself, is not made of matter. It is… like a thought… like a dream… it’s not material. It’s like a hologram.

When I meant “not real”, I meant “not solid”. This is for the materialistic part of it.

Now, concerning this non-materialistic part, when something is real, it is fixed, it is not changeable. It is fixed in its form (weather physical or etheric form), in its perception, in its creation, in everything. In THIS sense, I meant it is not real.

Now, what remains as real in all of this, if everything is energy and hologram ❓

The experience!

👉Only the experience is true and real 💯


I know that the experience seems very true and very real for the one who is experiencing it, no doubt about that. The experience is something which is “fixed”, so to speak, regardless of who is creating it… who is interpreting it, and how it is being interpreted. It is what it is.

Let’s say you are with a friend and both of you saw a purple car. Your friend tells you “Oh! Look! A purple car… How ugly it is! How can someone paint a car with such a color! Never saw such a thing before!” And you go “No… It’s funny, I like it. It’s not that bad. I see it beautiful, it’s original.”

Now, my question is “Is the car beautiful or ugly?” The car is, nor beautiful nor ugly. It is what it is. If it was ugly, both of you should have seen it ugly; and if it was beautiful, both of you should have seen it beautiful. But as long as each one saw it differently (according to his perception), it means the car itself is neutral. It does not have any meaning, any attribute…

So, in conclusion: Nothing is real except the experience.

👉 All truths are not real.

They are real for those who are experiencing it, yes.

Their “content” is not real, but the experiences are.

And if you would like to know about the coronavirus (or anything else), you cannot know the truth and you will never know the truth. You might click with one of the versions, yes. And when you would have clicked with it, it will APPEAR to you that THIS IS THE TRUTH! YES! I FOUND IT!, that you know now who was the liar and who was telling the truth. But… nope… I’m sorry.

What you are seeing is just a confirmation of your beliefs.

They will show you anything you want.

They will match what they are.

But, in fact, they are like just a concept and all that you are seeing is a hologram and has several meanings. If you relied on it, it’s because it was true for YOU, only YOU, it matched with your beliefs. There is someone else who clicked with another reality; and for him, it is also true, and you cannot argue with him!

That’s why any event with all its details is nonsense, meaningless. The meaning is given by the beliefs.

The ONLY important, the only REAL thing, the thing which will help you grow and change your vibrations and “prepare” your next incarnation, is what you do with what you are seeing/experiencing; how you get out of this situation, of this experience.

(Explaining you a bit further with taking you, Deepika as an example)

This so-called choice you made while you picked up a reality, was NOT YOUR choice and was not even a “choice”; it was not your choice (Deepika’s choice). Because Deepika didn’t choose anything from the beginning. It was not a choice, per se, because you couldn’t even choose… You were compelled to “take” this choice, because of your belief. You were driven to this reality, you were pulled to it, you have been dragged by your belief. Your “hidden” part “gave” you this belief… yes; because it wants to discover it (the belief) and all its outcomes. It wants to know what it is like to have this belief, what will happen, etc… Deepika is just an instrument through which this experience should occur. The feelings, the emotions, and the beliefs of Deepika will give a response, feedback to this hidden part; it will then know what it is like to have this belief.

Even if Deepika is aware of all this, Deepika is not to be blamed for anything at all.

Deepika can create an experience of blame or of responsibility, but it does not mean that it’s true. But if Deepika is quite aware of who she really is, she won’t create this experience of blame anymore. She will realize that SHE is the one who set up this whole scenario and that she is doing it to herself, to discover herself, to explore herself. So Deepika will accept this belief. And when Deepika will accept this belief, she won’t suffer anymore; she won’t feel like a victim anymore, cuz she knows now that it is HER plan. She might not know fully all the reasons, now… but she trusts herself. And when she will trust herself, she will trust the whole process of creation. And when the trust will be present, automatically, acceptance and allowance will follow. And when all these are present, Deepika will see life from another angle. And when Deepika will see life from another angle, she will be happier and more at ease. And when she will be happier and more at ease, she will start to emanate this state and all her entourage will benefit from this state as well. Deepika will be so happy that she might thank Christian (me😉) for telling her all this. But Christian will remind her that she is closely involved in this: she is a co-creator of this interaction. Christian created it, of course, AND Deepika as well.

So Deepika will thank herself and will be reminded of how powerful she is. Doing this, Deepika will start to love herself more and more and she will have more trust in herself also.

So, CHILLAX! Lol And as Sadhguru says “Don’t take life too seriously”.

If you can understand this very well (because it is very important), you will understand that life is meaningless and that you give it the meaning you want.

Now, tell me which one you prefer of these two examples:

You are “something”. You are alone, there is no one else, but you. You don’t know who you are or what you are. But you can, without the help of anyone else, discover who you are, what you are, and why you are. And you know that the best way to REALLY AND FULLY discover and explore yourself and to KNOW YOURSELF is to do it with “your own bare hands”. You can “transform” yourself in any power you want, and you grant yourself limitless power. You can “transform” yourself in any limit you want because you are the limit, there is no one else but you. There are no rules. You set the rules. You are the rules. You can even create a scene where you are the actor and the spectator at the same time. You can play all the roles you want to explore yourself and in all possible ways. And all the players are equals, no difference, no discrimination or whatsoever. These players can be aware of each other or not, some feel separated, some don’t, but in fact, you are playing all the roles.

You are “something”. You are alone. You know nothing about yourself. You are trying to discover, but… it seems there is a kind of plan… not your plan… and you’re a victim of all of its rules.

Which one do you prefer?

(Looking Forward to your answer😉👍)

Atma Namaste😍🙏

Christian Gharzani

(For any queries contact me at my Instagram @otptm.  )

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