Let Go of Worry and Fear and Cultivate Peace

By Published On: June 24, 2024


Do you worry a lot? Worry and Anxiety are the by-product of human life which we cannot escape but definitely MEDITATION can help us to LET GO OF WORRY with a positive attitude.

Sara Raymond of THE MINDFUL MOVEMENT  doesn’t need an introduction but those who are new to it may be a bit reluctant about the result that they might get from this 19-minute video.

So, for all of them, The YouTube videos that I will be sharing here, will all be tried and tested by me.

How this GUIDED MEDITATION video helped me – There are lots and lots of things that are happening at our subconscious level and usually we are not aware of it. This Guided Meditation helped me to recognize one such thing. My shoulders are usually too stiff.  I am consciously aware of this fact but never thought that there can be some reason for it. This Meditation helped to recognize it and LET GO OF WORRY that was present at the subconscious level. Though it’s not healed yet, at least I have taken a step towards something that I was not even consciously aware of. I am practicing it till I will be intuitively sure that I am healed for that particular emotion.

Thank You.


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Written by : rakesh.seksaria

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