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By Published On: June 21, 2024


Reincarnation As defined in Brittanica👇

Reincarnation, also called transmigration or metempsychosis, in religion and philosophy, rebirth of the aspect of an individual that persists after bodily death—whether it be consciousness, mind, the soul, or some other entity—in one or more successive existences.

Reflections on Reincarnation

We are, each of us, spirit, on a journey of becoming. This journey has lasted longer than we can imagine. During this journey, we have become, very gradually more complex, more aware, more in control, with an expanding will. We have existed on many levels of this creation, spent many periods of time, each contributing to our growth as spirit, as tiny parts of the original creator.

As human beings, many of us are just becoming aware of ourselves and our growth and that part of this growth has taken place on this level of creation, this world.

We have spent many periods, lifetimes, here, and with each lifetime we have increased the complexity of our spirit.

We tend to think of each life as a separate period, each having its own beginning and ending, each having its own story.

As I read the comments of contributors to the various reincarnation groups I see the same questions asked-“What was I?” “Was I rich or poor? A princess or pauper?”

The idea comes across that each life is separate from the other, having no effect, one on the other.

My story of reincarnations👇

I have had over thirty of my past lives brought to my awareness, lives the existence of which I was not aware of a large part of my life. As each was brought to my attention some aspects of them were made known to me, some events which had had an overwhelming effect on me. Some of the lifetimes were ended very abruptly, very traumatically, so that I was left with no time to carry out a harmonizing process.

Now, in my school science lessons, I learned (very poorly) that for any action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I didn’t get past H2O in science, so I will not elaborate on that.

However, I shall now mention the spiritual version of that law which explains why we experience in one lifetime the unresolved aspects of a previous lifetime.

That law is as follows:- ‘Action and reaction are equal and opposite on the level upon which the action took place.’ This separates levels of creation. Perhaps think of it as ‘What happens in Rome, stays in Rome.’

It means that when we come back to this level any unresolved stuff in another lifetime can have an effect upon this life.

Sometimes this can be on a level of which we have very little conscious awareness and we sail through life totally oblivious to the face that a devastatingly awful event in some past century is causing us to react to events in this life in ways beyond our control or understanding.

➿For instance. In a lifetime during, and just after, the reign of Henry V111 I was put to death by torture, having my insides ripped out and being hanged. I was treated in this very unfriendly way because I had been a musician who fell for the lord’s daughter, was caught with her and punished and she was sent abroad to be married.


I refused to give up and went to Italy, found her, and we were caught in the act. I suffered the punishment already mentioned and she was treated for the rest of her life as a prostitute for the family.

Traumatic death can have a lasting effect. One of the effects was that I found it impossible to make love outside of marriage for the first twenty-odd years of this life. I remember at least three occasions in which I was astounded by the terror I experienced when I was presented with what should have been an experience of great joy.

On thinking about this I realize that any lifetime since that one would have been tainted in some way or other by those experiences.

➿ Another. My last short life was spent during the Edwardian period and the first world war. I was in an upper-crust English family. My mother had great difficulty in conceiving so when I finally arrived I was mollycoddled and grew up in great fear

When the war started I went into the army and because I was upper-crust became an officer. I was wounded in the elbows, spent time in the hospital, and sent back to the front where I was shot in the back from an airplane.

I had great difficulty in accepting my death and hung around for a while after it.

As a result, I had many unresolved negative effects in my subconscious when I arrived in my present life.

Mainly they were to do with the overwhelming fears imprinted in my personality in that life. They were buried deep, so that when, eventually, I got my spiritual nudge and began looking at the pressures I had been enjoying since childhood, I had, not only those of the childhood of this life(which included physical and sexual abuse) but also the crippling fears I had brought with me from my last life.

At one point I started to experience great pain in my elbows, a memory of the injury I suffered at the front. The doctor tried his best with painful injections, but could not help and it wasn’t until I had the releases of the unresolved pressures of that life that the pains disappeared and have not returned.

How exploring past lives can help us in our present

đŸ’«One of the benefits of bringing up the unresolved pains of a past life is that they can disappear as if by magic as we release the trapped energies.

Very often this can take the form of weeping and wailing and howling as the pressures leave.

I’m sure the people in the next village to where I lived in Cornwall at that time would have heard and perhaps wondered what was going on when I was having some of mine.

đŸ’«However, with the release comes a fantastically wonderful relief that can last for days.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had, and am still having, amazing time here. I have inherited some interesting psychic and mediumistic abilities which have kept me close to some wonderful beings in spirit.

So I have been very well looked after.

I write this piece so that when people are drawn to study reincarnation they look, not just at what and who they were, but see what understanding can be taken from the life they remember in the past and bring some harmony to the pressures of this life.

Love and best wishes to you,



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