Deepika Seksaria

Hello friends. I am Deepika Seksaria. I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, have completed Reiki level 1 and level 2, basic of Serenity Surrender(a healing modality developed by Shivi Dua), certified HO’OPONOPONO practitioner and has a diploma in Masters in Psychology and Counseling.

We all are energy beings. And how we can heal ourselves by playing with this energy is something which has fascinated me since my childhood. The mystery of past lives and life after death, made me read Dr. Brian Weiss’s book Many lives many masters. I have been studying various healing modalities like Reiki, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Past life regression, Neuro-linguistic programming, etc since the last 15 years through books, live workshops, and internet. My curiosity to know more and more about this entirely new world has increased the number of books in my bookshelf and thereafter has enhanced my knowledge in this field immensely. I encountered various techniques in my quest to know how we can live an abundant life. I will share as many techniques as possible by sharing youtube videos, book reviews, webinars, interviews of some of the world’s greatest philosophers, Therapists, motivational speakers, life coaches, spiritual teachers, and authors. Videos, podcasts, and blogs at this website will help to infuse these techniques and therapies in a simple way as possible into everyday life. I want that every single human being on earth would live an abundant life. I wish everybody can use Law of Attraction to live the life of their dreams. This platform, is a step towards it. It’s a step to bring a smile on as many faces as possible.