Do you often dream of family members dying?

By Published On: June 20, 2024

Dreams of family members dying…

👉 I am getting messages about people having dreams💭 full of fear, dreams of family members👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 dying or dreams of getting separated from our loved❤ ones.

If you are waking up feeling deep grief, sadness, fear, anxiety, you are most likely tapping into the collective consciousness of fear field in your dream state.

(COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS: is an energetic field that holds/connects all our collective thoughts charged with feelings that resonate with the frequency of fear and everything connected to it. There are innumerable fields of collective energy surrounding our Earth, each resonating/calibrating at different frequencies. The full spectrum, low vibes, neutral, high vibes. Currently, due to the ‘pandemic’ global situation, more people than ever are experiencing fear, insecurity, anxiety, depression…due to the media that are systematically bombarding us with information that resonates with the frequency of fear, disembowelment, and blame. Thus this field is growing stronger. It is easier to tap into it and it can take us on a spin down fast. But once you are aware that fearful thoughts can take you into the collective consciousness of the same, you can choose to disconnect from it by going through those steps that I have mentioned below👇 as one of the many options available. You could also do it by simply shifting your focus to a better feeling thought, by looking at pictures of baby animals, going for a walk in nature, being creative,…etc. I don’t want to promote spiritual bypassing with this, but I share this as a way to re-center to a peaceful state where Higher Self guidance towards empowered action can flow to us. It’s just a concept that may help you to realize the collective programming, conditioning and remember the CHOICE of not to engage with it, choice of staying neutral, choice of focusing on what one CAN DO to improve their state of being. )

You can either let it drag you down, or you can ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU ARE EMPOWERED and ABLE to transmute any low vibe energy with a little bit of focus.

👉 After a dream💭 like that or whenever you find yourself feeling grief, sadness, fear… allow yourself to feel it for a moment and ask what is the message in it… ( That dream might be a reminder of your potential or to connect with your loved ones)❓❓

It is ok to feel these feelings deeply for a moment. Even to cry😪 as a form of release if you feel like it.

Then you can start with👇

  1. Deep focused breathing🧘‍♀️ (in the nose, out the nose)
  2. Imagine breathing in white light.
  3. Intend/allow the heavy feelings to start becoming neutral inside you in your acceptance of them.
  4. Breath out neutralized peaceful energy.
  5. Keep breathing until you feel/sense/imagine your whole body emanating light energy of peace, love, faith.
  6. Continue until you feel/imagine the whole world included in your awareness of peace, love, and light.
  7. Start your day having faith in your inner guidance.

👉 During the day, you might want to connect with your loved ones and embrace the love💞 you feel in your heart for them.

Have their photos around and focus on the love you feel in your heart❤, rather than the grief of separation and distance between you.

Space and time cannot kill the feeling of love you have for anyone. (Unless you focus on separation)

Let your acknowledgment of love you feel for anyone be good enough when people you love are far away from you or on the other side.

Also, Remember the CHOICE YOU HAVE💯👇

  • Focusing on everything that is right and good in your life or on everything that is negative.
  • STOP YOURSELF whenever you are INVENTING WORST CASE SCENARIOS that might happen.
  • MINIMIZE your exposure to negative and fear-mongering news.
  • REMEMBER that you are able TO CREATE or influence WHAT COMES YOUR WAY.
  • NURTURE relationships with people that love you and support you.
  • Pay attention to anyone in need of kindness and offer support if possible

I hope this makes sense.

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Written by : rakesh.seksaria

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