Know your Life Purpose

By Published On: June 24, 2024


LIFE… simple four-letter word but so many people are looking for its meaning🧐… often People spend their whole LIFE looking for ITS meaning😉…


But Life is simply to live. Live every moment as it comes. Move with the flow.

👉 As BASHAR says Take action to your highest excitement at that moment and you will be guided for the next moment. we just need to live every NOW moment to our best, Happily, to our highest excitement.

Life does not need to be a struggle. Life is BEAUTIFUL💐. Even after all the hardships that you have or maybe experiencing in your life. Every event in your life has a purpose. It carries some important life lessons that you need to master in this lifetime.

So EMBRACE life wholeheartedly💗

👉How this ‘Know your Life Purpose by  JESS SHEPHERD helped me –

In this guided meditation by JESS SHEPHERD at youtube channel RISING HIGHER MEDITATION, I get to see my life purpose from many different angles and many different perspectives.

Though intuitively I already know my life purpose… still, this guided mediation affirm it further and also provided me a glimpse of my future self following my life passion.

Apart from seeing and feeling Life Purpose, it provided a new perspective towards life. It also helped in healing at so many levels.

Regular Mediation practice also helps in raising frequency which gives a broader Perspective for all spiritual seekers like me💯👍

Thank You😍.


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Written by : rakesh.seksaria

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