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By Published On: June 24, 2024



A little about Madalina Albu👇

For me, NLP is a way of life and I do NLP and Time Line Therapy® coaching since 2018 as I could see and feel the results it generates.

I truly believe that we are born to be extraordinary and my mission is to instill in people the belief that they are great because…they really are. All we need is within, we just need to learn to access these resources. I respect &honor life and all that it implies.

👉 Have you ever wondered how would it be YOU to BE in control of your LIFE?

👉 How would you like to SEE the positive impact you create in your life and in the relationships you have?


👉 How important would be to you and how would you FEEL to get clarity in your life NOW?

With Madalina Albu develop and access new resources, improve self-confidence, gain inner strength, and learn to accept, forgive & love yourselves.

To learn more, to train your mind& to enhance your life, contact Madalina Albu 👇


“I woke up one day and realized that everything is black, nothing is mine, not my life, not my choices, not my behaviors, not even my pleasures. That is when I met Madalina. That is when I met NLP. That is when I started learning to take control over my decisions, my behaviors, my life. NLP taught me to accept what I cannot control, search inside me for what I want, act upon my desires.

Using NLP Madalina Albu guided me into the debts of my fears, taught me how to see the light of my soul and brought me out as a different person, a stronger person, an empowered person. Now I have power, now I have control, not on the world but on myself. Now I am reborn.”

Cosmin, Software developer, Romania

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

(Wayne Dyer)

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