What type of person I might be in my past lives?

By Published On: June 21, 2024

What type of person I might be in my past lives?

👉I guess there is always the old stereotype that you were Cleopatra or some exotic known character from history. Maybe you were an ugly outlaw from the Midwest holed up in jail (as modeled by my good self in the photo😉).

Generally, though most peoples’ past lives are pretty basic normal lives (although I’ve had people experience some very bizarre lives that maybe I’ll share with you at a later time).

👇Here are some examples of the lives that people have experienced while working with me:

  • A banker living in London,
  •  A sword-smith living a solitary life in the Scottish Borders, making swords for his fellow villagers to fight the English,
  • An author dying of a skin disease who wrote children’s books and worried about leaving his wife and child behind,
  • A theatre manager,
  • An ancient tribal child living a very primitive existence thousands of years ago,
  • There was a woman who came to me and experienced a life as a young male soldier heading to WW1 on a boat, who met his end on the battlefield after being ordered to go over the top after experiencing the horrid conditions of living a cold, wet and miserable Period in the trenches.
  • The list could go on, but these are just a few that spring to mind which I have guided people through over the many years I have been working in this area.

The best part about it all though is not about the joys, the tragedy, the fates they met, or how much money they made, but the lessons they learned through these lives.

It’s the dramas and challenges that seem to allow us to grow as souls.

What did they learn from their past lives?

The swordsmith for instance, led a very solitary life, never married, but the solitary experience was what he was to learn.

🔹The soldier in WW1 was learning about friendship and how you can trust in others to help you (the soldier’s last vision of his life was of his friend trying to drag his body back to the trench, hoping to save him).

After that life review, my client had no concern about dying young as a soldier, or being killed, had no anger towards the circumstance, or the person who killed him. Instead she saw the lessons that she was supposed to experience and learn and understood what was to be taken from that life.

👉Most people seem to have lived many past lives, but it seems that through past life regression sessions we are shown ones that may be appropriate to us at our current time.

Maybe there’s something we need to remember that can assist us in our current life – possibly a lesson we have previously learned.

Sometimes we may be struggling with issues in our current life which we’re failing to move forward with, and discover it’s a recurring issue we have had in past lives.

This realization seems to help people through it; moving them forward in their current lives as well as giving them the experience of our bigger picture.

👉So really, the greatest lessons can be learned from the simplest of past lives.

We don’t need to be an extravagant queen like Cleopatra, to gain the wisdom we need or lessons we have to learn.

Every life is beautiful and amazing in its own way.

Past life regression through hypnosis is a wonderful tool that allows us the insight into the other dimensions of who we are, and gives us more in-depth realizations about what life on Earth is all about.

Past life regression can get very interesting at times. Sure, discovering that you were a doctor in Victorian England, a farmer in 1600’s America or a Japanese samurai from the 1200s is very interesting.

It is equally interesting to discover the purpose of life, and what was learned.

However, sometimes past lives can get even stranger. I have had people report that they were living in lands that predate modern history.

We have all heard stories of Atlantis, with the only living record of it in Platos: Timaeus, written around 360 BC.

There are other records of other ancient continents such as Lemuria .As well as these supposed ancient continents, even now, there are sites being found around the world, such as Gobëkli Tepe, a civilised city in Eastern Turkey, which was only found in 1994, and is thought to date back around 10,000 years ago.

I have had people report that they have lived in ancient lands where there were civilized people living in advanced cities with technologies that simply wouldn’t have existed, based on our current understanding of history.

In fact, they have even reported in some cases, that people of that time had harnessed the power of natural energy and used it for power and healing.

I’m not the only person however to report this. Many people, such as Dr. Brian Weiss and Dolores Cannon have done many past life regressions with people, and have had similar reports.

The common report seems to be that these continents were highly advanced, however, through miss-use of the energies they were using, they brought about mass destruction to the contents, with only some survivors managing to escape to nearby lands.

I work with people face to face and over Skype or Zoom in giving people all around the world these wonderful and insightful experiences.
Contact me if you’re interested in this fascinating subject and would like to experience a past life regression for yourself. . .

With Love😍

Stephen Towill.

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