Past Life Regression Therapy

By Published On: June 21, 2024

Past life regression therapy (PLRT), as the name itself suggests, is a therapy where the client is regressed to one of his/her past lives. The therapist uses Hypnosis to reveal past life memories. It is a wonderful healing method as it works with our subconscious mind (suppose to control most part of our life) at physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual level. During the whole session, the client is fully conscious of his/her thoughts and the therapist just acts as a facilitator.

Past Life regression therapy helps to resolve deep-rooted emotional issues, physical ailments, anxiety attacks, phobias, chronic pains, fears, etc. Many diseases which are said to be uncurable can also be healed through PLRT.

Past Life regression therapy goes to the root cause of the problem. For example, If a person is experiencing some phobias than we go to the very first past life where something happened in his/her life that resulted in that phobia. When that person saw that event again in regression he/she can see it with a bigger perspective and learns the lesson that he/she needs to learn from it and discard any negative emotion associated with that event. After the regression person feels much calmer and peaceful.

But before understanding past life regression lets understand what is this term, PAST LIVES.


Just as a man discards worn-out clothes and puts on new clothes, the soul discards worn-out bodies and wears new ones.” (verse 2.22, Bhagwad Geeta)

Since ancient times it is believed that our soul is eternal. We reincarnate on earth to get total enlightenment. we come on earth to learn various lessons that help our soul to grow at the spiritual level. The various karmas that we perform during each lifecycle help in the spiritual growth of the soul, which is the ultimate purpose of all the reincarnations.

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~ It is believed that the person loses his consciousness when under hypnosis whereas the person is fully conscious in the whole session and the therapist just acts like a facilitator. The client has full control during the whole session. During hypnotherapy, a person is in the alpha state which is the state just before we sleep and in the whole day, we go to this state many times.

~ Fears and phobias which might be bothering you from so many years of your life gets vanishes just like that even after one or two sessions.

~ People often wonders is what they are witnessing as their past lives are their imagination or some truth. But remember you can imagine something that doesn’t exist. So even if you are imagining something there is a reason behind it. Trust yourself. Trust Universe. Trust your higher self.

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~ Before the regression starts, the client is guided towards a complete physical as well as mental relaxation process. so after the session client come out so very relaxed that he/she feels very light even if nothing substantial is discovered during the session. And at times few hidden ailments are also discovered and healed during the session. so its all win n win situation.

~ After the session, a person starts to see the events of life with a higher perspective and thus lead to a more contented and happy life.

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Past Life Regression Therapy helps at reviving memories that reside somewhere in our subconscious mind and helping them heal across all past lives, time, dimension and reality. It also enhances our lives by healing any unresolved trauma/karma from past lives and giving us a bigger perspective to look at the world😍👍

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