What is Karma?

what is karma?



Karma is very strongly linked with the idea of synchronicity.

It is very much a representation of what we have termed, the fourth law: “What you put out is what you get back”.

For many generations, the concept of karma has been linked with the idea of punishment, retribution, vengeance… but really that is not❌ what it is about.


👉 Karma is about of balancing, of recognizing that if you are putting out a vibration, putting out an idea, putting out behavior that is out of alignment with what you prefer to be, in your heart of hearts, that you are always given an opportunity to bring that energy back into alignment, back into balance.

In that sense, karma really is a guiding mechanism to allow you to be capable of feeling when you are out of alignment; and that karmic vibration, in that sense, thus is your guidepost, your alignment tool: it lets you know when you have INNOCENCE straight outside the boundaries of the vibration that represents your true self, and allows you to feel when you are out of alignment with that, so that you can give yourself the opportunity to recognize that, to always know that you are being guided by that vibration; and thus then, if you so choose to bring yourself back into alignment by RECOGNIZING the vibration as being something other than what you prefer.

Now, in that sense, it is a frequency in existence that is representative of your alignment with creation, with All That Is. It’s also representative of your agreement to be a particular expression, to explore certain themes in your life.


Karma and Synchronicity👍

When you allow yourself to use this karmic vibration, this beacon, then you will be capable of recognizing how strongly connected to the concept of synchronicity, the karmic vibration is.

There is always synchronicity. Synchronicity never stops. It is just that you usually don’t really want to recognize it AS synchronicity when it is the type of feedback, the type of reflection that you don’t enjoy; but it’s synchronicity nonetheless.

So in THAT sense, you could simply say, that karma is really what you might call “synchronicity of reflected misalignment”.


Negative Karma or Synchronicity

☑ You are always being given a reflection in the life of some circumstance and some situation, or some feeling, or some awareness, or some sensing or sensation, that will be reflected at exactly the right moment, to let you know that you are not necessarily in accord, in alignment with the vibration of your true self and that “negative synchronicity” or karmic vibration, will always be there to reflect back to you, to give you YET AGAIN, ANOTHER opportunity along with the feeling of the sensation of the karmic vibration of knowing that you are not necessarily of the state of being of your true self.

So synchronicity in that sense works, hand in hand with the karmic vibration to be a guiding reflection, to strengthen your ability to TELL and to DISCERN when you are and are not in alignment with your preferred vibration.

☑ The fourth law of what you put out is what you get back, is not always reflected on a one-to-one basis. It is always going to be coming in a form that is representative of the SYMBOLISM of the general THEME, of the CHALLENGE that you are exploring. It’s going to have a similar reflection, to the concept of the kind of symbols that you experience in dream time.

☑ The way in which negative synchronicity or karmic frequencies are often reflected to you, IS in circumstances and situations that may not necessarily at FIRST be APPARENT to the vibration you’re giving off.

You may WONDER why you are in the circumstance you are in, WHY you are experiencing the kind of difficulty or struggle, WHY you have run into that particular kind of brick wall; it doesn’t necessarily at first SEEM to have anything at all to do with what you’ve been thinking about… where you’ve been aiming for… and so on and so forth; but if you allow yourself to understand how to use these tools: this karmic vibration and this reflective synchronicity of misalignment, you’ll be able to take the time to stop… to examine… to EXPLORE what it is that has cropped up before you.


Karma and Beliefs

With your willingness to REALLY investigate more deeply that karmic vibration, you will be SURPRISED and ASTONISHED to find the DEPTHS OF INFORMATION that lie therein for you, the depths of REVELATION that the SYMBOLS will PROVIDE for you and allow you to truly have a deeper insight into where your belief systems lie and what beliefs are in and out of alignment and what kind of life you have chosen to experience in your theme of exploration in physical reality.

So it involves a great degree of WILLINGNESS, to truly allow the information in.

This has been the struggle and the difficulty for many of you because having had for SO LONG a negative definition of karma, a punishing definition, when the situation and circumstance come up (that is, a misaligned reflection), many people don’t really want to look at it because they are AFRAID to look at it, because they have this definition that they’re going to be punished for something AND that suddenly it amplifies the idea of their FEAR.

The fear that you are not worthy, the fear that you are undeserving, the reinforcement of the idea that you come up short, that you don’t amount to anything…

All of these ideas that are swirling around in your brains, that you have been raised with for countless generations, I  guarantee NONE of those negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself are in any way, shape, or form empirically true, they just simply aren’t, I GUARANTEE it!

You will never EVER actually discover that you are unworthy, EVER!

You may CREATE THE EXPERIENCE of feeling unworthy, but you never actually can BE unworthy.

You can use your core frequency to make it SEEM as if you are. That’s how powerful a creator you are! That’s a powerful creation! If you were truly unworthy of creation, believe me, you would not exist! Because creation does not make mistakes.

So if you exist, then existence MUST KNOW that you HAVE to be a part of All That Is; for, without you, All That Is would not be All That Is! It would be SOME of what could be!

✔ 💯 So the FACT of your existence, in and of itself, is the first proof that you deserve to experience your birthright of alignment, that you can NEVER be found truly unworthy (even though you can create this experience), and the second proof of your worthiness, is the very fact that you’re ABLE TO EXPERIENCE unworthiness😉

For you are supported SO unconditionally, SO worthy are you, that you are supported in ANY to be true about yourself, INCLUDING the belief that you are unworthy, that’s how worthy you are! That’s how loved you are!

You are allowed to have experiences of NOT being loved, of NOT being worthy, of NOT being deserving; because you are deserving of anything you imagine that IS TRUE FOR YOU. All That Is will NEVER interfere, NEVER stop you from experiencing what YOU SAY is the truest thing you believe about yourself.


Karma is for Enlightenment

✅ So trust that karma is not there to punish you, it is there to enlighten you, to illuminate you, to remind you of your true worthiness, that you are ALWAYS guided, that you are NEVER without guidance by the vibration of All That Is.

✅ Karma is like a beacon sending each of you that particular frequency that is your true self, and giving you the ability to experience, to feel, to know, to sense, to see reflections of when you stray from that vibration.

✅ The more you are willing to experience the reflections of what you are NOT (this karmic vibration, this synchronicity of misalignment), the more capable you will BE of REMAINING in the vibration of your true self because you no longer FEAR the vibration of karma, you know that karma is your guiding light, it is your friend, it is the vibration that tells you very clearly what and who you are NOT so that you can more clearly understand what and who you truly are.

✅Allow yourselves to view synchronistically this karmic vibration, like a siren, to get your attention, so you can send your compassion, your help, your assistance, your high vibrations of compassion to those that have created experiences of great misalignment within themselves so that they are capable thus then of using that experience in a very positive, illuminating growing way.

✅ You can send that vibration to ALL who create the synchronicity of misalignment, to ALL who struggle against the vibration of their true self, who resist their natural selves.

Karma is there for you to learn to stop resisting your true natural stealth, to stop struggling, to stop striving, to stop experiencing the idea in that way of effort.

Of course, you will always have challenges, of course, you must have some kind of creative pressure in order to grow in a new direction, but NONE of that has to be viewed or experienced in a negative or misaligned way.

Karma is your Friend

When you allow the karmic vibration to TRULY grow and expand and learn to use it in a positive way, it will no longer remain karma, it will grow in ways that will always serve you towards an abundant life, always…

So allow yourself to truly understand that karma is the vibration that allows you to remain in that aligned path with your compass needle pointing straight ahead, with the guiding beacon illuminating your way on all the stepping stones thereon, that you yourself, have chosen to experience step by step.

Karma is always at your beck and call, always at the ready to help illuminate the vibration that you are not so that you can more clearly understand the vibration that you are; and THAT service is the service of a GREAT and unconditionally loving creation.

Keep in mind the new karmic vibration and allow it to guide you on your experience and exploration and quest in your life, the life you chose to live, for you YOURSELF are the COMPLETE and UTTER ARBITER of your OWN karmic destiny.

Karma is self-imposed UTTERLY by you, upon yourself.

~ Bashar ~

Compiled by Christian Gharzani.

(For any queries contact  Christian Ghazrani at Instagram @otptm.  )

Atma Namaste 🙏