The Secret of Happiness is to Count Your Blessings.

By Published On: June 21, 2024

The Secret of Happiness is to Count Your Blessings.



👉Blessings are every little or big thing that contributes in making your life easier or a life that you feel is better than the masses.

Any amenity that you have that helps you be in a space of comfort💺, provides you security🏡, nourishes your mind🧠, body 🚶‍♀️and soul🧘‍♀️ can be taken as a blessing💐.

The secret of Happiness 👉 Happiness comes from the sheer recognition of the fact that there are blessings in the smallest of things.

Example: On a cold winter evening when nothing seems to comfort me, warm blanket or a hot cup of tea acts as a complete blessing for which I’m as grateful as I’m for a  beautiful dress or a pair of nice shoes.

Being grateful does not require much. All we need to do is, feel the sense of comfort someone or something provides to us and thank god for sending that/ them our way.

As I sit comfortably in my bed with this laptop resting on me, I direct my attention to my functional limbs; hands that can type, my functional senses; eyes that can see, a mind that can process information righteously and generate ideas, my motor skills;

he ability of my fingers, mind, and eyes to work in perfect synchronicity and coordination and the sense of security of being inside my home with my family, is what I find to be the immediate cause of my happiness.

Happiness is not always loud, cheery & boisterous. It does not have to be. You can be happy without having to boast it to the world🌏.

The feeling of silently sitting, with a deep, unmatched sense of tranquility and bliss bursting inside you and enfolding around you is also happiness.

Happiness is infectious. It has that energy that is very captivating. If you are happy, someone may just look at you and remember their blessings.

Make someone happier than they make you.


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Written by : rakesh.seksaria

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