What is Anxiety and beating it with NLP..

By Published On: June 21, 2024

What is Anxiety and beating it with NLP..

Hello everyone😍,
I am going to share some of the ways I have been able to apply NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in my coaching practice to create 100% success rate with all of my anxiety clients…

A little bit about my myself👇

My name is Zach. I am a Master Practitioner Practicing NLP full time in the field. I have been practicing since 2011 and professionally coaching since 2015. I have coached every client you can think of from paranoid schizophrenics to high performing athletes, musicians, people with trauma/PTSD, and of course cases of extreme anxiety.
What really made me so passionate about coaching people in anxiety is my girlfriend. She would experience severe anxiety attacks, sometimes so severe she would drive herself to the hospital because she believed she was going to die if she did not get immediate help.
So that got me really curious and motivated me to learn NLP. As an NLP practitioner & hypnotherapist, I looked at this as a huge opportunity for me to learn and to grasp the inner and outer mechanisms of how someone creates anxiety in their mind and body.
To give you the big picture of this👉 first now my girlfriend is completely anxiety-free and able to live an empowered calm life with no relapses and that’s the story with all of my clients.
I am proud to announce that I have 💯 success rate with every client I have ever coached. All my clients receive the result they want and that’s not because of how great I am but that’s what NLP is about RESULTS.
The true beauty of NLP is if you are coached or trained by someone who really is living by the methodology of NLP then they will have the belief that everything is solvable there is not someone who can not be fixed so I was excited to get to work and do what I do best and fix problems in the neurology and programming in my client’s life and in this case my girlfriend’s anxiety.


One of the first things I discovered and began researching was the fact that when people enter anxious states of consciousness all of them are usually in the high beta brain wave frequency, and people who were calm, relaxed, centered, or in a flow state of consciousness were in the alpha brain wave.
Now Theta is when someone is in a meditative🧘‍♀️ deep relaxed state, the delta is related to sleep, and very deep states I suggest doing some research in the different states of consciousness there are however my goal was to get my client out of BETA and into alpha as often as possible until it became a normal reality for her again.

Hakalau state

From our practitioner training, one of the first things we are taught in NLP is the Peripheral vision state or the learning state. Its when our consciousness is totally expanded and we are aware of everything and all our surroundings it takes us from inside our head to outside ourselves.
In this state, it is impossible to experience any negative emotions and our flight or fight response is turned off. While we are in this state our brain waves begin to relax and enter into the alpha range. We are able to learn information and organize and process information at the subconscious level very easily and very fast.
I teach this to my athlete clients because It keeps them centered and in a flow state where they are able to perform at high levels. I was able to teach this simple technique to my girlfriend which allowed her to stay relaxed and keep the inner dialogue down to a minimum, and with the flight or fight response turned off it kept her system calm and relaxed.

Jaw-Dropping moment simulation


Have you ever experienced a jaw-dropping moment❓
When we experience something incredible typically what happens is our jaw begins to relax and drops, when our jaw drops it is activating the vagus nerve and stimulates the nerve. The Vagus Nerve when activated will cause the relaxation response to be triggered causing the body to relax and feel peaceful.
Normally when you first practice this your first reaction will be to take a deep breath in, and the means you are beginning to relax.
What I noticed was most people who are experiencing anxiety their jaw begins to clench. So I would have my clients drop their jaw, so the relaxation response can be triggered and they can relax.
This is a very powerful and simple process for anyone to get INSTANT RELAX.

 Removing negative emotions at the root cause💯✅

Time Line Therapy® is a very advanced technique I use with my anxiety clients developed by Dr. Tad James.
It is a system for getting to the root cause of emotions such as fear and removing it from the subconscious for good.
The metaphor I use for this is most practices out there if you were to imagine a weed🌿 in the garden they only cut✂ the surface of the weed and then they wonder why it keeps growing back. With Time Line Therapy® we remove the emotions at the root cause so once it’s gone it stays gone for good.
What I have found is most people who suffer from severe anxiety have lots of fear in their life and past. So I always clear out any fear so they can have their future free from anxiety.

What really is Anxiety?

When you really get down to the root of what anxiety is, I believe and Dr. Tad James believes, “Anxiety is a warning sign from your unconscious mind to focus on what you want” we can not be anxious about something that has already happened, so anxiety can only happen in the future, and the future hasn’t happened yet so how can we feel something we don’t want now?
Anxiety is caused by making pictures in our mind about future events, or sounds, which then create feelings in our body and negative self-talk. It is the future based meaning we are anxious about something that is in the future so we are focusing on what we don’t want.
👉We have to train our mind🧠 to focus on what we want for some people that is very difficult at first however with persistence we can train your mind to be calm at all time.
For some people, they want the results very very fast and want a rapid relief technique. For them, I recommend finding a Time Line Therapist® to teach do the technique Time Line Therapy® anti-anxiety. Within 2 minutes you will be completely anxiety-free and calm.

In conclusion

We attach these scary labels which when we really break it down are just words to describe our reality.
Anxiety is not something you are, do not let it become your identity or become the victim of a label. Learn NLP and learn how the operational manual of your mind works.
When we buy an iPhone📱 it comes with books of instructions of how to use the iPhone at the best ability that is what NLP is for your brain the operational manual📖 and it will teach your process and technique to help you become free from feelings, pictures we make in our head, negative self-talk that harms us.
NLP allows us to live in power and move from stuck disempowered states to empowered states. It is not another self-help guru on YouTube preaching things that sound good. The true beauty of NLP is it provides proven systems and techniques that have been proven over and over again to bring results for over 40 years now.
👉So long story short, my girlfriend is not anxiety-free because of some of these techniques I have just shared with you, also many more clients I have coached, and thousands worldwide who have practiced some of these, in NLP there are a plethora of techniques that will help you. However, what Is most important to me is the mindset that NLP gives and individual that all things are possible.
If you know someone who is experiencing anxiety have them reach out to me👍 If you mention this article I will give complimentary 30-minute consultations who anyone would like tips or techniques to help you overcome your problem with anxiety now.

Zach Hammond
Cell: 702-325-6277
Twitter: @ZachNLP

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