Health Benefits of Meditation

By Published On: June 21, 2024

Meditation is all about focus and awareness. Meditation helps us to think in the NOW moment rather than worrying about the future or being anxious about what has happened in the past.  We can not change our past and can never be certain about the future but what we can do is to LIVE NOW MOMENT.

Benefits of Meditation

In ancient time sages used to meditate for long hours, even for days, months and years. There are many stories in Indian Mythology where Sages attain immense psychic powers by practicing Meditation. Even nowadays Meditation helps people to get intuitive.

The Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual benefits of meditation are miraculous. Even uncurable diseases are found to be cured by regular and focused practice of meditation.

To know numerous benefits of meditation refer to the article –

Health Benefits of Meditation

I found this infographic on the Health Benefits of Meditation from very informative and easy to understand, so sharing it here…..


Apart from the above mentioned Black and White Meditation, 30 seconds of mindfulness meditation is very effective. This meditation is short and crisp and can be done anywhere, anytime for less than a minute. Meditation is very easy to practice and can be very beneficial if done regularly.


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