Happiness and Self

By Published On: June 21, 2024


“Exterior beauty without the depth of a kind soul is merely decoration”.

Happiness and Self are interconnected. Only when our inner self has contended, we can experience true happiness.

So much energy, time, efforts and measures are spent enhancing our outward appearance; to make sure we stand out in crowds, amongst people. Whether it’s about a piece of clothing👗 or an accessory👓 that we’re wearing, we somehow try to find something that most people don’t have just so we stand out and something about it makes us more appealing.

But, the physicality, the money💰, the fame etc. it’s all so transient. At some point in time, it wasn’t there and at some point in time, it will cease to exist.

But, what isn’t transient and what will not cease to exist is your soul. It’s been there longer than we know, think and believe it to be. Its always going to be there.

All the times, when we feel really happy, when bliss overtakes our senses and malice does not know a way to us, it is our soul inhaling the fragrance of happiness.

All the time that we spent in beautifying ourself from the outside, to appear happy, it is not a luxury to spend ten minutes to indulge in things that grant our soul happiness; for the inner work🧘‍♀️. It won’t be as easy as trying one piece of clothing and not liking it and buying the other one that is better, it’s going to be hard but only in the hardest conditions does the coal really transforms itself into a diamond.

The light of your soul will outshine🌠 all superficialities. The glow of happiness😍 from the inside will irradiate everything on the outside and the way you see things will appear to be shifting.

Above, I talked about how its the inner workings that lead to an enhancement of the world outside, however, one must not devalue the importance of having a good environment outside.

Also, spending time doing things that you love is an absolute must💯. Not overdo them but spend enough time so that they help your happiness sustain and prevail.

A lot of times, your definition of happiness may violate someone else’s and vice versa. But, it is important to know that the understanding of happiness that you have, has come from your own special, unique and personal series of experiences hence, it is not supposed to fit anyone’s criteria. You must still continue doing what helps you grow.

Some of the things that make me happy😍 and uplift me are👇:
Books📖, new stationery, candles, crystals, warm tea, skincare, journalling, pretty crockery, delicate jewellery, praying, meditating, staying in, going out with people whose company I enjoy, positive affirmations, animals, praying🙏 for someone and seeing them happy, lounging at home, listening to spiritual podcasts, spending time in nature, music,  walking barefoot in the grass, finding like-minded people, new makeup, occult, esoteric things, healing singing bowls, lunches, pretty cafes, the process of getting to know someone, the sign of healing after a lot of pain, god, soul work etc.


Human beings have a natural tendency to pin their hopes for happiness on fulfilled expectations.

Whether it is overly expecting from others, or always trying to stand upon everyone’s expectations, it is hard, saddening and depressing aftermath if you find someone else not being able to cater to your expectations or vice versa.

Someone can only provide you with so much that they’re already equipped with.

Certain boundaries can definitely be set to preserve your happiness and energy, to set standards that define your worth and also, that you would not accept a treatment/ behaviour less than that.

However, your boundaries shouldn’t be unrealistic. In such a case, it leads to the formation of walls around yourself that neither let you give happiness to other people or receive happiness. It often gives a feeling that those walls are guarding you, but, they are closing down on the vivacious nature of your soul which wants to spread happiness like wildfires.

Releasing your expectations doesn’t mean that they won’t arise. They will arise as long as you’re a human.
You will always want someone to do something even if it’s not for your own sake, it’s for them because maybe you see that it’s going to help them into a better place than they are at right now.

But along with not letting it overpower you, you must start to honour the fact that the other person might not be able to cater to your expectations as you would like them to.

But that, however, should not bring any change In your behaviour towards them. You can still give all that you want to by not attached to the outcome of them giving, i.e, the thought of not receiving the same doesn’t matter as what matters to you is that you’re giving freely.

To a giver, the material possessions don’t matter. They may be wanted to survive in the material world but they aren’t needed. Since they choose to overlook the temporary attractions and go on to give their soul the highest seat which only draws love.

Happiness resides in the energy of love and if love prevails, so will happiness.

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I would like to conclude by saying that happiness comes with a sense of detachment from your expectations.

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Written by : rakesh.seksaria

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