Spirituality and Mental Health

By Published On: June 20, 2024

Spirituality and mental health

Spirituality – ‘Adhi Atma’ – means looking at oneself. Of course, introspection comes from looking at oneself. It starts with the idea of ​​what is the deepest meaning of your life and then the hope of “perfection”.

There is a realization that there is something in life that is more perfect than our daily life, more than many worldly things in it, that is perfect, that gives deep meaning.

Every human being has an inner desire to find out ❓ what is hidden in the world around us, ❓ what is our place in it, and ❓ what is our function.

This process is spirituality.

Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality and religion are not the same things. Spirituality and religion are both parts of the culture.

Whether or not a spiritual person believes that there is a God superior to human beings, such power or such ‘someone’. Both the believer and the atheist can be spiritual.

Religion shows man the way to live. But many times religiosity is expressed through rituals, praises to God, worship, and prayers. Spirituality, on the other hand, is not bound by ritual. Even so, righteousness, faith, and spirituality go hand in hand.

Those who are inclined towards spirituality are often also religious. The ‘Self’ is explored in a variety of ways, such as reading religious texts, interpreting them, discussing and debating their meanings, calming the mind through chanting, namasmarana, and enhancing the mind through meditation.

The reason for discussing all this is that in today’s conflicted life, finding peace of mind has become more and more necessary.

Life is full of

  • temptations,
  • competition for success in life,
  • everyday stress, and
  • insecure daily life.

Spiritual perspectives, like many other things, can be very helpful in dealing with anxiety, depression, and traumatic events.

This has been noticed in various scientific research so far. Blaming the situation when a crisis strikes can be frustrating, but a person who says “God teaches me something” or “God does what is good” does not get frustrated quickly.

Changes in the nerve endings in the brain of a person with a tendency towards spirituality. Favorable changes occur in the endocrine system and the immune system. It protects a person from both physical and mental ailments. Those who believe that “I am being punished for something wrong or sinful” or that “My health is not in my hands but in the hands of some evil force” are more frustrated.

On the other hand, those who are content in life and think that “There is a purpose in life” are less likely to be disappointed.

When a farmer cultivates with a tractor, he gets or experiences spiritual happiness in a way.

Spirituality is used to control the extreme anxiety that arises when dealing with a disorder like cancer or accepting heart disease or recovering from a spinal cord injury.

After the earthquake in Latur, Kutch, we have come to realize that the sermons and discourses of spiritual and religious leaders are very positive in the post-disaster period. In this process, a sense of community and the mental support we get from each other are important.

It is becoming increasingly important to understand the patient’s religious and spiritual perspectives when learning about mental disorders. Spirituality is also being used in mental healing.

The temple, the atmosphere in the temple, the bhajan-kirtan, the remembrance of the name, and the atmosphere in the church mosque are all used to increase spirituality.

✔️ Yoga, pranayama, and meditation are useful in many ailments like anxiety, depression, heart disease, and hypertension.

✔️ Have a habit of ‘looking’ at yourself.

✔️ Can be focused.

✔️ The teaching of living in the present.

Such things promote mental health.

Spirituality produces hope, contentment, forgiveness, and love.

Spirituality is also expressed through dance, music, painting, and sculpture. An indescribable peace of mind is also achieved in
the presence of nature.

Prayer also has the power to introspect, cultivate humility, and cultivate humility. Loud recitations of mantras, hymns recited in unison and rhythm, praises sung in the church, and discourses all bring immense peace and contentment.

We also see saint literature expressing the thoughts of the mind through spirituality. Samarth Ramdas wrote only   ‘Manache Shloka ‘. They advise you to think beyond yourself to reduce your pain and anxiety. So they say, Don’t bring mental pain Don’t worry about grief at all
Discretion should be given up Externally, one should be liberated.

When Saint Dnyaneshwar says,
‘The art of the universe illuminated my mind Avaghechi Jale deh Brahm”, the experience that comes then makes one seek oneself.

Such an experience uplifts the mind, creates a positive outlook for the future, and of course, is beneficial for mental health.

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