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My encounter with RAPID TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY When I was in my twenties, I went to therapy for the first time. That was the moment which changed my life. Therapy, human psychology, personal and spiritual development became my biggest passion. I devoured…


When I was in my twenties, I went to therapy for the first time. That was the moment which changed my life. Therapy, human psychology, personal and spiritual development became my biggest passion. I devoured books and video materials, I went to therapy diligently and meditated with discipline. I made improvement after improvement and my life going deeper and deeper into this topic, discovering new layers within myself and within the universal
human experience.

As people in my environment noticed the changes happening in my life and in my behaviour, they started coming for advice. Since I worked as a manager, I also started to apply learned principles in my work environment. And although all of that had tremendous impact by bringing positive changes in my life, I have started to notice that I needed to invest a large amount of effort to get much smaller amount of change. I was not ready to start working with people on their issues by telling them that they will need to invest large amounts of effort and willpower to change just one little thing in their life. It became clear to me that things would be much easier if there was a way to access the subconscious directly and change the pattern behind the behaviour instead of trying to change the behaviour in order to erase the pattern.

In my research, I came across methods which can access the subconscious directly and remove harmful patterns which does seem wonderful, however I found that, when those methods were applied, there was a tendency to re-install the erased pattern back because the person is not aware on how the pattern was created in the first place. The pattern is not there anymore, but if you continue to think the same way there is a danger to re-establish the pattern again with reoccurring thoughts.

My answer came in form of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™). This is a method of therapy created by a world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer. She created the method based on her 30 years’ experience in working with clients. She claimed for the method to be amazingly powerful, fast and efficient so this was what initially attracted me to it.

With time I came to see that everything Marisa was saying about this method is true. This conclusion is based on my personal experience and me witnessing amazing transformation happening in my clients’ lives.


There are a lot of things that are special and unique about this method, but what I believe is the most important thing is the fact that you are able to access your subconscious and see exactly why you have the issue you are working on in a conscious way.

“You, as a client, are able to see exactly why, where and when you formed a belief that this issue is something that is positively serving you. You are also able to see what is the role, function and purpose you believe this issue has in your life. Furthermore, with the guidance of the therapist, you are able to see how this belief is false and not applicable in your current life.”

💫When you understand that the issue you are working on does not actually serve the purpose your life you believed it does, you are able to let go of that issue in an easy and effortless way. What reassures you even more is the fact that during the session you identify ways in which you can achieve that purpose in a more fast and efficient way without using the presenting issue.

💫You could even understand that the issue you are working on is actually hindering you from achieving that exact purpose. So, we end the session with a powerful transformational recording which installs new beliefs that will serve you beautifully and which colourfully paints a life you will have when you are free of the issue you wanted to

💫The recording which is completely personal and created according to the information  gathered in your session, is absolutely essential, because by listening to it for the next 21 days, once a day, you are making sure that the new patterns and beliefs become permanently imprinted within your subconscious ensuring everlasting freedom of the
presenting issue.

💫Marisa Peer does understand that no one has hours a day for listening to the recording, so the recordings are made ultra-efficient and just 15-20 minutes long.

💫Although, in RTT we do use hypnosis as a tool which enables you the access the subconscious, what is unique for RTT is that the issue is not being overridden with positive reinforcement.

💫As described above, essential part of an RTT session is the breakthrough and the understanding you get and the letting go that happens as a result.

💫Positive reinforcement is a big part of the session, but its purpose is for you to create your life without the erased patterns and beliefs in the most positive and beneficial way. When you know how to achieve the life you want without the old patterns and beliefs there is no risk of the old pattern coming back into your life because you simply have no need for it. You love your new life so much more, you understand how much better of you are without the issue so you have absolutely no need for going back.

👉 Case Studies for better understanding of RTT..

Any issue we want to work on is making us feel uncomfortable and this is why we want to get rid of it, but there is also something that we are gaining from this issue, otherwise we would be able to let it go. Exactly that perceived “reward” or “gain” is the thing we are not usually aware of and it is something that is stored in the subconscious.

Most often, even if we think we know what we are gaining from the issue, it turns out it is not exactly true. So,
let’s go over a couple of examples to make this even more clear.


I worked with a client who wanted to stop smoking. She actually did not like the smell of cigarettes, smoking even made her feel nauseous at times, but she still could not stop. So, we went for a session looking for the way she believes cigarettes are helping her. We started with an induction into hypnosis which is amazingly quick and lasts only 5-7 minutes. We proceeded with regression, which means that I am asking the client’s brilliant subconscious mind to show the client scenes from her life which have everything to do with the belief she has about the issue (smoking in this particular case). The client went back to the scene where she was just a little girl and her parents were smoking. The whole family was spending time together in the living room and she was feeling so safe, protected and connected. She told me that her parents were usually outside working and she felt very lonely, but when they came inside to rest they were always smoking. Therefore, she connected the feeling of being safe and connected with the act of smoking so she believed that the smoking is the way to get security and connection when she felt the opposite. The next step was to help her understand from her adult perspective how that made sense for her when she was a child, but how cigarettes cannot actually help her to be safe and connected in her life now. This alone would be enough for her to give up smoking, but she had a number of other realizations as well –

✅she connected the nauseous feeling when she was smoking to feeling safe because it enabled her to disconnect, she understood that she doesn’t feel like doing anything after she smokes because the cigarettes make her feel frozen so she wouldn’t get herself into trouble.

✅ she also realized that she fears attention and that cigarettes act as a shield from attention when socializing with others. She also realized that she was choosing cold and disconnected people as her friends, co-workers and partners because she knows they will not give her attention and that made her feel protected.

✅The very next day this client went for drinks with friends who were smoking which means all the major triggers present – social situations, people she did not know present, alcohol and being surrounded by people who were smoking. She sent me an excited e-mail about how she was completely indifferent to the fact they were smoking, she did not even notice it which was exactly what her personalized recording instructed her to do. Before she would be restless and could not even magine to be in that kind of situation without smoking, now it was effortless.

✅Another miraculous thing happened right after the session, three separate business offers came in the next few days which included her being in a spotlight – one included a photo shooting, one was an interview on a podcast and one was her giving a speech on a seminar.

✅She connected those offers with not being afraid of the attention anymore. She understood now that the attention is something positive and she welcomed these beautiful changes in her life with a positive attitude.


As a second example, I worked with a client who was not able to let go of her ex-boyfriend although they broke up some time ago. She was consciously aware that he is not someone who is good for her, but she still harboured hope that he will contact her and she will get some closure as the breakup was very abrupt and without explanation. We went into her childhood and dealt with her abandonment issues that her mind directed us to, but what really helped her to completely let go was the dialogue we had with him.

You see, our subconscious mind knows a lot more than we are consciously aware, so when we ask it to act as another person in our life and to give us answers on why that person did something, it is actually able to do that. So, she acted as her ex-boyfriend in this dialogue and we asked him what is the reason behind him not contacting her. She realized that he is a person with a very fragile ego who fears rejection above everything else. He would never put himself in the situation where he can be rejected and contacting her is a risk he would never take.

✅She finally understood that his silence was not about her, that it has nothing to do with her worth.

✅She also realized that there is no chance he will contact her so she was able to completely let go of that hope.

✅She has let me know that about a month after we had this session, she saw him in a social occasion. She was completely calm when seeing him and had no emotional reaction whatsoever.

✅She is also in a new relationship now in which she is getting everything that she now knows she deserves.

👉 Conclusion

RTT is a form of therapy that has an amazing transformative effect on peoples’ lives.

Marisa Peer did such a phenomenal job by deconstructing human psyche which can seem so complicated by identifying just a few rules all human minds operate by. RTT therapist use those rules in the session to help clients understand why they are acting the way they do and to teach them how they can change that in an easy and effortless way.

These realizations are powerful even when they are made on a conscious logical level only, but when these realizations are made in hypnosis by the subconscious mind they become so much more powerful, deep, all-pervasive impact on every aspect on your life by causing deep transformation which will take place in your personality.

“Until you make subconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate!” –  Carl Jung.

Fortunately, we don’t have to let our subconscious run the show anymore! By understanding how it works, we can learn how to communicate with it and discover our power by taking back full control of our own life!


(RTT™ can be done online over Skype, Zoom or some other tool with exactly the same level of efficiency which means you can experience a session from the comfort of your own home.
If this sounds appealing to you and you would like to know more, feel free to contact me on:
Instagram: @ivana.rapidtransformation
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E-mail: ivana.rapidtransformation@gmail.com
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