What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?

By Published On: June 21, 2024

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Julia Balaz: Thank you, Deepika for inviting me to share about topics that are dear to my heart with your wonderful audience. In this blog, I will share answers to questions I get asked most often as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner. But first, a short background story of mine that might help the reader reflect on their own childhood and how there may be clues about their destined path of reaching their soul’s potential.


👉 Our childhood prepares us for the path of our soul’s purpose and potential. 

I had access to paranormal and extra-terrestrial activity magazines as a young kid. Then books on consciousness, mysticism, human science, our galactic history, and all topics metaphysical followed once I got access to an amazing library during my college years.

At the age of 11, I had a spontaneous spiritual experience when I became aware of my soul consciousness. I was advancing steadily in my spiritual awakening through my constant study📚 and various meditation🧘‍♀️ practices.

In retrospect, I led a double life. I was fully integrated within a strong musical community, very social; as a violin🎻 player, so much of my young life was spent on stage but no one knew about my passionate interest in all things metaphysical.

I identified as “IN THE CLOSET SPIRIT JUNKIE” until I turned 33 years old when I felt it was time to come out of my shell. I left a successful corporate career behind, become a self-employed quantum healing hypnosis practitioner, and started a YouTube channel where I can be true to myself.

The high-level social interactions my whole life helped me to be extremely comfortable when dealing with ANY type of personality. I was getting very well prepared for the work I do today. I always knew that I will be helping people in some unusual way.

👉 Why did I choose Quantum Healing Hypnosis modality?

What pushed me over the edge was my daughter’s👧 arrival. When she turned two and started testing her world’s boundaries, she started to trigger anger😠 that I had no idea was inside me. I could not understand where this anger was coming from, I was puzzled, I thought it must be from a past life.

I booked a QHHT session but to my surprise, in hypnosis I was instantly connected to my inner child’s consciousness, feeling very angry at first towards my parents and then vulnerable, feeling unseen, unheard when my parents were drinking and fighting. I was able to release all those old suppressed emotions and then started to feel on cloud nine.

That was when awareness of my physical body disappeared and I fully connected/merged with my Higher Self, my Soul, and Oversoul Consciousness like never before. An unforgettable feeling of euphoria, unconditional love❤, mind🧠 expansion, feeling limitless➿, a deep sense of belonging, safety, peace, empowerment, but most of all pure joy. So much light, wisdom, and love💗.

I received answers to many questions I had about my life, my life purpose, some of my soul history. It was a life-changing experience.

I knew there and then that this is what I want to spend the rest of my life doing, helping people connect with their divinity. I completed Dolores Cannon’s QHHT Academy and have since assisted just over a thousand clients to date. Still feeling excited about every upcoming session. They are all fascinating, mind-expanding, deeply healing, and full of hope for the future of humanity.

Is one QHHT session enough?

Yes, for 95% of clients, they only come once and as they establish a deeper connection with their Higher-Self after they release major energy blocks from their past, they can navigate through life much better thereafter.

But some come again out of curiosity when they have specific questions they want to explore. I had 7 QHHT sessions in a span of 3 years (as experience exchanges with my colleagues) and each session was different. Some were all about various past lives, others about my various galactic connections, some were pure source wisdom and love, and some were about ancestral healing. There are infinite possibilities to explore.


👉 What are the main reasons why people come to you in the first place?  

People come for a QHHT session for different reasons. Most of them have questions about their life purpose, their family, work, health issues, past traumas, extra-terrestrial connections

All clients come with a desire to make their life better. Often, they feel that they are meant to be doing something different with their life but need clarity on what that something is. And sometimes they come with questions about our Universe, God/Source and their connection to it.

Overall, clients want to better understand why their life has been the way it has, and most importantly, how to move forward in the best way possible.

👉 Can you communicate with your Spirit guides or ancestors in a QHHT session?

In QHHT sessions, people can perceive realms that are beyond this physical dimension.

They can perceive and communicate with their ancestors, relatives who passed away, that part is always very healing for them.

Some clients perceive beautiful light beings that they understand are their spirit guides or their very own Higher Self. They receive healing, gifts, and meaningful messages, and most of all a strong feeling of reassurance that they are watched over and guided every step of the way.

In QHHT we also tap into the wisdom of the body and find answers to why certain physical issues manifested. When the client learns about what needs to change in their life and they align with that new behavior, the body heals itself spontaneously.

As Dolores Cannon (founder of QHHT) often said👇


Our human brain has the capacity to perceive information coming from non-physical realms. But unfortunately, due to the way our society is today, most people are not using this ‘gift’  With training, a channeler knows how to perceive a direct communication from another self-conscious being that is residing in non-physical realms and then translate it into human words.

Sometimes the information comes in the form of images, vibration, feeling, sound…

It varies depending on what type of being the channeLler is connecting to and depending on the style of the channelling.

Some channelers are aware of the process and remember what comes through, some go into a deep trance state where they translate the information that comes in, but when they come out of the trance, they don’t recall full details of what was discussed.

This often spontaneously occurs in QHHT sessions, and therefore the client is provided a copy of the audio recording after so that they can relisten and integrate the experience with their conscious mind.


👉 Is QHHT suitable for everyone?

For obvious reasons, clients with psychiatric issues, on mind-altering medication should not be hypnotized.

For clients who are mostly focused with their logical/analytical part of the brain who have a hard time letting go of full control, clients who have made negative association with relaxing due to severe trauma, clients who are not comfortable with the idea of hypnosis, might consider an alternative to QHHT called Soul Realignment that I also offer.

Here, instead of them, I go into a deep meditation state prior to meeting my client and I access their soul information from their Soul Records also known as the Akashic Records.


👉 What are Akashic Records and how do you access them?

Akashic records can be metaphorically described as an ancient infinite library that is full of books📚 filled with information about every soul’s experience.

It is a 5th-dimensional realm of records that can be accessed by humans only by going within, through our consciousness.

We all can learn how to access our own soul records. There are many courses available now dedicated to this topic. I have trained with Andrea Hess to become Akashic Records reader and for clients who are not comfortable with the idea of hypnosis but still want to know about their past lives, about their spirit guides, about their soul origin and their unique purpose, I feel honored to bring that information through for them if permission for me to access their records is granted.

Some people who read the records, literally experience a book that comes to the forefront of the library and the information they are looking for is in the book, they read the book.

For others (including myself), the information becomes available as a movie story, or images, symbols, colors, feelings, etc. I go into deep meditation and write down pages of notes before I meet my client. It is not something I can do at a snap of a finger. My brain must go into deep Theta state.

I love conveying information to clients that deeply resonates or is validated by their own life experience. There are always numerous Goosebumps/”Truthbumps” moments in these sessions.

For example, one client I was reading for, I saw him as an ancient well-known philosopher, always debating something with his colleague. He had Goosebumps all over his body as I said it. To my amazement, he told me that his best friend has a tattoo on his right arm with that philosopher’s name and that they always debate about quotes and stories known to be coming from this philosopher’s life. For me, nothing tops validations like this one.

Some stories coming through are so unbelievable to me, but I learned to fully trust and accept because, to my clients, they always make so much sense.

It can be a life-changing experience when they receive a validation of inner Truth that they felt unworthy of accepting. They suddenly feel empowered to fulfill their highest potential by applying their past lives knowledge and experiences in the present.

Do you have to completely believe in the process for the session to work, i.e. if someone came to see you that was skeptical could it still work?

It is important to be open to what is possible and realize that healing sessions should never be about the practitioner proving their skills, but rather the client’s willingness to tap into their own wisdom and healing with the help of an experienced healing practitioner.

Skeptics are often people whose trust was repeatedly abused in the past.

Similarly, a person who has trauma connected to being relaxed will be blocking accessing deeper levels of consciousness in hypnosis.

But if they are willing to work on something like this, I can guide them and help them release those blocks effectively in a Metaphysical Anatomy healing session which is a super-effective way of releasing subconscious blocks, negative associations made with positive things, clearing trauma issues, all done without the need of going into deep hypnosis.

I always suggest this session for the very left-brain focused clients or worried clients first.


👉 What have been some of the most profound and healing QHHT sessions that you have facilitated to date?

It is wonderful when physical issues are healed, but sessions that stand out the most for me are sessions where clients connect to energy/consciousness that they perceive as Source/God.

Watching their blissful, very emotional, deeply healing, and transformational experience is such a gift.

In those sessions, I almost tangibly feel the vibration in the healing room shift significantly (as if surrounded by a super-powerful magnetic field).

After a session like that, their feedback is always the same. I am transformed, my life has changed for the better, they feel so much peace and connection to their inner guidance, they see nature differently, more vivid colors, birds sing in harmony…in deep gratitude.


👉 What advice would you give to people who want to connect more with their Higher Self and Spirit Guides? 

  • Practice being in a present moment, in your heart, switch of external distractions more often.
  • Start becoming aware of the variety of thoughts you have in your mind.
  • Start recognizing which thoughts are coming from the ego, which thoughts are from your Higher Self, and which thoughts are from external sources. (I have created easy to follow video course full of practical exercised called: Higher Self connection. It is great for beginners. https://higherself.teachable.com/p/connect-to-your-higher-self)
  • Live with the intention aligned with something like: “I am open to communicate with beings that are aligned with my highest good” Or “I am learning to recognize the guidance of my Higher-Self.”
  • Or choose a question related to your life and then go into a quiet space within with the intention for the answer to come from your Higher-Self. Be patient and open. Write down or voice record whatever is coming as thoughts, feelings, images, other sensations. It takes practice but it is so worth pursuing 💯👍.

What advice would you give to people who have just started their journey of self-discovery? 

☑ Question everything in your own life. What I mean, question any limited behavior pattern you have, every negative thought pattern.

☑ Ask yourself why am I doing this in this way, when did I learn this behavior? Were my parents or grandparents like this? What if I am here to break that negative cycle and evolve beyond that?

☑ Once you are aware of something as a learned behavior, you can realize that you are now IN CHOICE. It is no longer an automatic behavior. Ask yourself if you really want to continue that way or are you ready to change that old behavior and replace it with a new empowering, liberating behavior.

☑ Then do all you can to override the body’s programming, by repeatedly exposing yourself to that new behavior until it becomes so familiar to your body that the body will accept it as a new norm that now permanently replaced the old program.

☑ Keep going cracking those old outdated fear-based programs. Seek healthy level of discomfort, seek transformation, seek new experiences, align with your continuous evolution.

☑ Keep feeding your mind information that comes from those who mastered whatever area of life you are interested in.

☑ Also, find a way to have fun with people. Connect with people who brighten up your day. Practice gratitude many times a day.

Lastly, do not get too distracted by exploring the non-physical realms, spirits, angels etc. I cheer for a practical spirituality, grounded in the here and now.


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