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Dolores Cannon was a renowned hypnotherapist, author, and lecturer who was born on April 15, 1931, in St. Louis, Missouri. She was the oldest of five children in a close-knit, Catholic family. Dolores had an inquisitive mind and was always interested in exploring the unknown, even as a child. She had an innate curiosity about the world around her and a desire to understand the deeper meaning of life.

Dolores Cannon and her husband Johnny Cannon found in 1968 that a person might be regressed beyond their most recent birth to relive several past lives alongside being taken back to the beginning of their current life.

Dolores’ Career

Dolores Cannon has been a former life regression specialist and hypnotherapist for about 50 years, during which time she has traveled to innumerable fascinating places and experienced amazing adventures. This section has been included to give you an understanding of each stage of her career and how it has developed over the years because the variety of issues her work covers and the volume of original material she has generated position her in a category of her own. Read about her early experiences using hypnosis, when she first learned about reincarnation, and discover how she created and honed the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. learn about the fascinating study areas she has delved into and where her work is at the moment.

Pre-Hypnosis and Early Life

Dolores Cannon was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States in 1931, and she grew up there with her family until she finished school there in 1947. She wed Johnny, a career US Navy veteran, in 1951, and spent the ensuing 21 years traveling the globe to accommodate his numerous overseas missions. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, she raised her family as a regular navy wife, but in 1968, a series of significant occurrences changed the path of her life forever.

The First Contact with Reincarnation

Simple hypnosis was used by Dolores and Johnny in the 1960s to break bad habits (quit smoking, decrease weight, etc.). When one of the doctors at the Texas military post where her husband was stationed urged her and her husband to use hypnosis to assist one of his patients in 1968, Dolores was first exposed to reincarnation. The woman had a kidney condition, was severely fat, had high blood pressure, and suffered from a nervous eating disorder. If hypnosis could be used to just assist the woman in relaxing, the doctor believed it would be highly beneficial.

The woman abruptly started recounting scenes from a past life in which she was a flapper living in Chicago in the Roaring 1920s halfway through the session. Dolores and Johnny observed as the woman changed physically into a different personality with new vocal tics and stances. They chose to follow the session’s natural flow and see what they could learn by experimenting despite the fact that they were extremely weird and absolutely inexplicable. Dolores and Johnny took the woman back through five distinct lifetimes over the course of several months, taking her to the period of her creation by God. The complete account of this incident is detailed in Dolores’ debut book, Five Lives Remembered (2009).

Full-Time Hypnotic Practice

In the late 1970s, once her children had grown up and left the house to start their own lives, Dolores made the decision to resume regularly treating clients under hypnosis. Due to her willingness to take on every case, no matter the circumstances, she was able to successfully attract a varied range of clients despite the fact that she lived in a small country town with a very small population.

Reincarnation was a major theme in her early writing, which helped her become familiar with and at ease with the idea of time travel. Many of her first clients reported scenes from before lives in which they had previously lived in a range of societal contexts in various places all over the world in the decades, centuries, and even millennia. In order to confirm the veracity of the findings she was recording, she would next spend weeks investigating the aspects of life in the locales and eras her customers had described.

Dolores made sure that the food they consumed, the clothes they wore, the language they used, the money they used, the job(s) they described, the social norms they adhered to, the entertainment they enjoyed/participated in, the religious philosophies they believed in, and the geographical scenery they described were all typical of life in “that” particular time. Dolores made sure the validity of her findings through this stringent verification method.

Jesus And The Essenes

Dolores put in nearly a decade of research, writing, and perseverance, but it took her more than nine years to get her first book published due to the sparse but slowly growing interest in reincarnation in the 1970s and early 1980s as well as the resistance of established book publishers to embrace this developing field. In 1992, she founded Ozark Mountain Publishing, a publishing house that is today home to more than 50 authors across four continents. More than 20 different languages have been translated into Dolores’ books.

Dolores came across a female client who was a superb hypnosis subject as her knowledge of reincarnation and capacity to handle more difficult topics grew. Dolores was able to transport her back through 25 other lifetimes by time-jumping 100 years at a time. It was an incredibly fantastic way for Dolores to learn about history and living in various eras because each personality the woman portrayed in each life was distinctively different from the others.

On the basis of her work with this customer, she wrote two books. A Soul Remembers Hiroshima, published in 1993, was the first book in the series. It chronicles the life of a man who writes about his experiences as a Japanese man in Hiroshima in 1945, the year the city was devastated by an atomic bomb. This horrifying first-person story of the dropping of an atomic bomb offers a terrifying lesson in the terrible consequences of war and nuclear weapons.

The second book, Jesus and the Essenes (1992), tells the story of a young man who served as Jesus’ Essene instructor. This captivating narrative of a teacher who lovingly explains her close personal contact with Jesus reveals many truths about Jesus himself, his character, background, life, and the times he lived in.

As a follow-up to this book, “Keepers of the Garden” (1990) Dolores also released “They Walked With Jesus (1994), which recounts the past lives of two women who accompanied Jesus during various periods of his life. It provides a wealth of information about who Jesus was as a person, his character, his feelings toward those he encountered, his visits to homes and leper colonies, his healing techniques, his political dealings, and his crucifixion.

The Complicated World

Dolores began to realize that the information she was receiving was becoming too broad and diverse to be categorized into one, or even several, specific areas after more than 30 years of research and writing about ideas such as life and death, reincarnation, the origins of humanity, UFOs and extraterrestrials, the prophecies of Nostradamus, and a wide range of other topics.

She made the decision to publish her latest work in a series called The Convoluted Universe since she has had to alter and adapt during her entire career. With five books already available, Dolores claims that these are the books for readers who enjoy having their heads turned into pretzels. For additional information about what you may anticipate to find in each volume, please visit the Books section.

The Three Volunteer Waves

Dolores noticed a pattern in many of the clients she encountered throughout the course of her employment. While many people claimed to have lived before on Earth in a variety of contexts, societies, and cultures over the course of many centuries, some people who visited Dolores claimed that the life they were currently leading was the first and only one they had ever had. When questioned about their origins, they merely reply, “The Source,” and they show profound regret about their presence here and how much they miss “home.”

Dolores discusses the appeal for volunteers that was made after the atomic bombs were detonated on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 in The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth (2011). The “way showers” were the first group of volunteers to arrive, and they undoubtedly had the most difficult tasks as they prepared the way for those who would arrive later.

The second wave’s function is to simply exist and have an impact on those around it. They act as energy antennas. Third wave volunteers, many of whom are young people with extraordinary skills, abilities, and memories, are the world’s true gift. They are equipped with the knowledge and insight needed to guide humanity through the transition and the numerous challenges that lie ahead.

Dolores Cannon passed away on October 18, 2014, at the age of 83. Her legacy lives on through her books, teachings, and the countless individuals whose lives she touched. Dolores Cannon was a true pioneer in the field of hypnotherapy and spirituality, and her work will continue to inspire and transform lives for generations to come.

Dolores Cannon also gave numerous lectures and workshops throughout her career, and many of these are available on YouTube.

Here are some of her most popular talks:

“The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth (2011)

“The Convoluted Universe” (2008) –

“Jesus and the Essenes” (2008) –

“The Legend of Starcrash” (2013) –

“The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge” (2013) –


Dolores Cannon was a remarkable woman who left a lasting impact on the world of spirituality and hypnotherapy. Her curiosity about the nature of reality and her passion for helping others led her to explore the mysteries of the universe and share her insights with the world through her books, lectures, and workshops. Her legacy lives on through her many works, which continue to inspire and transform lives.

Dolores Cannon will always be remembered as a true pioneer in the field of hypnotherapy and spirituality, and her contributions to these fields will continue to shape and influence our understanding of the world for generations to come.

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